About Us

The Company


Duncan and Brian started KT Landscaping in 1994 with a pick-up truck and a push mower.  Since then, the company has increased sales for 16 consecutive years in the Burlington/South Burlington area.  Now KT has ten trucks, a small loader, skid steer, several mowers and various pieces of equipment to meet the needs for any maintenance job.   This steady increase in sales and services throughout Chittenden County has been achieved by carefully building excellent relationships with existing customers and their satisfaction has been the reason for our continued success.

Duncan Kaye


Duncan has been working in the landscaping field for over 35 years.  Duncan still works in the field, especially in the spring when he’s often running the bark blower.  Duncan manages most of the landscape jobs and construction projects, planting trees and shrubs, and lawn renovations.

Brian Turman


Brian has been working in the landscaping business for over30 years.  Brian can be found in the field taking care of lawns and helping Duncan where needed.  Brian spends the remainder of his time managing the daily office duties.

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